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tianrun carpet protective film

This temporary carpet protector film can shield your carpet against dirt, dust, foot traffic, paint spills, construction debris, and various other messes! This 24-inch x 200-foot roll of film will cover a large surface area, up to 400 square feet on the floor! Whether you use it for construction, renovation, maintenance, or something else, this carpet plastic protector film will provide ease of mind, knowing that your floors will go undamaged.


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    1. Origin Raw LDPE Material
    2. Water-based Acrylic glue
    3. Transparent color, Blue color, high transparency
    4. Popular market sales size customized acceptable
    5. Color label customized acceptable  


    Color: Clear
    Width: 24' ,36' ,48'
    Thickness: 2mil,2.4mil,3mil
    Length: 50' ,100' ,150' ,200' ,600'
    Number of Items: TR002
    Surface Recommendation: Carpet
    Product Size: 24inch*2.5MIL*600'

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    Carpet protection film is a temporary, self-adhesive film used to protect synthetic carpets from dirt, paint spills, construction debris, dust, and other damage. Designed with a special blend of polyethylene, this carpet protection film is tough and tear-resistant and serves as the ultimate surface protector. It's designed specifically for synthetic carpets and can be used for construction or any event in which you expect high foot traffic, such as parties or open houses.

    Tianrun Carpet Protection Film sticks edge to edge, allowing the product to stay in place and eliminating the creases and tripping hazards that are so typical of competitive products. No longer do you have to spend a disproportionate amount of your prep time wrestling with drop cloths or plastic sheets.

    Carpet protection film comes in a roll that is easy to dispense and can be applied with or without an applicator, depending on the surface area of the carpet. Our Tianrun temporary carpet protection film rolls can be easily removed without leaving a mark. Whether you're planning a commercial or at-home construction project, our self-adhesive carpet protection tape offers clean and convenient masking for up to 45 days.


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    • Easy roll out with no specialist applicator equipment required. 
    • Will not creep and wrinkle after application. Stays where it is put! 
    • Totally waterproof. 
    • Protects against expensive to clean spillages from paints, varnishes etc. 
    • Easily removed, will not leave a sticky residue. 
    • Can be left for up to 3month. 
    • Adheres to most common carpet types 
    • Safer than dust sheets. 


    Raw material Polyethylene
    Glue type water-based acrylic
    Film blowing process 5 layer co-extrusion
    Recommended thickness 60 microns(2.5mil),76micron(3mil)
    Recommended length 15m(50feet), 25m(80feet),61m(200feet),100m(300feet),150m(500feet),183m(600feet)
    Recommended width 610mm(24 inches) ,910mm(36 inches) , 1220mm(48 inches)
    Colour Transparent, white, blue、red,or customized
    Printing Can customized max.3 colour Printing
    Core diameter 76.2mm(3inch),50.8mm(2inch),38.1mm(1.5inch)
    Product performance Scratch proof, puncture resistant, rust proof, moisture-proof and anti-fouling
    Recommended Peel Strength 600g/25mm
    Recommended glue amount 40g/㎡
    Tensile strength transverse >30N
    Tensile strength longitudinal >25N
    Elongation transverse 300%-400%
    Elongation longitudinal 300%-400%
    Storage conditions Cool and dry place for one year
    Service conditions Use below 70 ℃,Tear off the protective film within 180 days (except for special properties)
    Unwind method Normal wound (glue inside)
    Reverse wound (glue outside)
    Advantages Easy to tear, easy to stick, no residual glue, firm printing
    Certification ISO、SGS、ROHS、CNAS
    Shelf life 36month from date of manufacture


    – carpet protection in most commercial applications
    – stable stair protection
    – quickly deployable walkways
    – suitable for synthetic/nylon carpet only
    Self-Adhesive Carpet Protector Film Shields Carpets From Damage

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    What else can you use our self-adhesive protective carpet film for? Tianrun Carpet Protection Film is perfect for protecting against:

    Dirt: Large-scale construction work often includes on sight dirt, soil, and sawdust. Our carpet protection film prevents dirt from finding its way onto your carpets.

    Dust: Whether a team is replacing tile or ripping off a popcorn ceiling, it’s not uncommon for construction and renovation work to create a lot of dust. Using our temporary carpet protection film solutions ensure the dust gathers in a safe place for removal rather than settling into carpets.

    Foot traffic: Construction work often involves the dirty shoes of workers walking over surfaces of all kinds, carpet included. By using our sticky plastic carpet protector film, you can create safe-to-walk pathways or simply protect areas that are most heavily trafficked.

    Paint spills: One of the most popular applications is protection during painting jobs. A roll of carpet protection film can prevent any stains or related damage associated with drips and other overruns.

    Construction debris: So much goes on during significant construction and home renovations. You never know what type of debris might be inside the structure where it can pose a threat to carpets and other surfaces. When you use protective carpet film solutions from Tianrun, your project can move forward without any unwanted damage to those surfaces.

    And a wide variety of other messes! Keep in mind that this carpet protection film is designed for use on synthetic carpeting, not for use on natural fibers, wool carpets, or another flooring. It should not be used on the freshly cleaned carpet.

    Professional Applications for Carpet Protection Film
    There is a wide variety of commercial uses for carpet protector film. Professionals across a range of industries use Tianrun carpet protection film to ensure a clean and debris-free finished result. These applications include:
    Construction: Keep carpets protected from dust and debris while construction is underway.
    Remodeling: Ensure carpets stay clean while furniture and interior designs are being remodeled.
    Renovation: Professional renovation projects can kick up a significant amount of dirt, dust and other debris.
    Restoration: In addition to debris, dirt and soil, restoration projects often include a high amount of foot traffic that can lead to damage.

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    Painting: Self-adhesive carpet film forms an effective paint protection layer that can last through an entire professional project.
    Maintenance: Protect your carpet from spills, moisture and dirt caused by commercial maintenance work.
    Model homes and vehicles: Improve a model home or vehicle's value by keeping the carpet perfectly clean as prospective buyers create foot traffic.
    Showrooms and open houses: Invite guests to tour showrooms without damaging your carpet.

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    At-Home Applications for Carpet Protection Film
    Of course, plastic film isn't just useful in a professional setting. This multi-purpose protective tape can be used for a range of different applications in your home. Keep a stock of carpet protection film on hand to keep your flooring clean during occasions such as:
    Remodeling: Doing DIY home projects can be a messy endeavor. Carpet protection film ensures your flooring stays protected from dirt, dust and debris.
    Painting: Self-adhesive film offers effective paint protection, keeping small flecks of paint from ruining your flooring.
    Maintenance: Cleaning and repair projects around the house can lead to damaged carpets if you're not careful. Lay down a layer of plastic film before getting to work to keep your flooring clean.

    wear and tear on your carpets. Adhering a layer of carpet protection film can minimize damage to your flooring during large events.
    RVs: Keep your RV floor protected from spills and dirt while on the road with a simple layer of plastic film.
    Pets: From shedding hair and bathroom accidents to tracked dirt, pets can wreak havoc on a carpeted floor. Keep pet-friendly areas damage-free with supplies of carpet protection film.


    Carpet protector is a temporary self-mucous membrane used to protect synthetic carpets from dirt, paint spills, construction debris, dust and other damage. Designed with a special polyethylene blend, this carpet protective film is tough and tear resistant, making it the ultimate surface protector. Designed specifically for synthetic carpets, it can be used in buildings or for any event that is expected to attract large crowds, such as parties or open days.

    Ideal for parties and decorating, carpet protector film provides excellent protection against paint drips, spills and dirt, removing the need for traditional trip hazard and moisture absorbing dust sheets.

    Carpet protective film comes in a roll form that is easily dispensable and can be applied with or without an applicator, depending on the surface area of the carpet. Tape Blue carpet protector can be easily removed without leaving a mark. Whether you're planning a commercial or home building project, our self-adhesive protective film provides clean, convenient shelter for up to 45 days.


    Our protective film can be used in a wide variety of fields. This independently packaged product is carpet protector, which is mainly used on car carpets or family carpets. Carpet protective film plays a good role in car test drive and family gatherings.


    Applying carpet protection film is incredibly easy and can be done in a few simple steps:
    To install carpet protection film, you can use an applicator — which is recommended if you plan to cover large surfaces — or by hand, using your own body's pressure to press the film down to secure it.
    1. After removing the plastic covering, find the beginning of the roll. It is often marked with an easy-to-find tab.
    2. Unroll approximately 6 inches of the carpet protector film and place it at the edge of the carpet, pressing firmly to make sure it sticks to the carpet securely.
    3. Keep unwinding the roll of film to apply it to the rest of the carpet. Make sure to press the film down to secure it.
    4. When the necessary area is covered, carefully cut the film from the rest of the roll using a sharp knife or razor.
    5. Write the date somewhere visible on the film using a permanent marker. This is to remind you when the tape was applied.
    6. Remove or replace the carpet protection film within 45 days of application.


    Our carpet protective film can be used in individually packed boxes, or can be customized for you . Then we will put it on the tray, and wrap it with wrapped film, so that our products will not be bumped.

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    Q: Whether carpet protector film can be customized size?
    A: Of course, our products can be customized color, size, after degree, viscosity can also be customized LOGO.

    Q: Can I get carpet protector film samples?
    A: Of course we can send free samples for you.

    Q: What is the lead time?
    A: We have multiple production lines, according to the size of the order quantity, the delivery time will be different. But 90% of our customers are satisfied with the delivery time!

    Q:After film removal,there will be glue left or damage the carpet?
    A:No,we adopt special water based acrylic glue and proper viscosity for carpet to guarantee clean removal and no damaged to your carpet.

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    1.We have many years of production experience and offer you 100% quality assurance!
    2.We have a full range of products, providing you with different sizes of carpet protection film, 
    which can meet your needs for carpet film in different scenarios.
    3.Support OEM and ODM, provide a variety of customized services.
    4.Reverse wrap for easy installation. Simple to operate and easy to use, the peeling process of PE protective film is very simple and will not damage the surface.
    5.Can be left in place for up to 180 days.

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