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Tianrun laser film for stainless steel

Tianrun laser film for stainless steel is indispensable for safeguarding your valuable stainless steel products. The 2.5 mil thick transparent film ensures ease of application and removal. Its easy removal process facilitates quick and hassle-free cleanup once the protection is no longer needed. The protective film for stainless steel is clear for precise placement on the stainless steel surface, ensuring complete coverage without obstructing visibility.

    Features Of Protective Film

    ● Good Surface Protection
    ● Suitable Adhesion for easy covering
    ● No residue glue after removal
    ● Superior puncture resistance
    ● High transparent
    ● No smell and non-toxic.
    ● Production Cost saving


    Construction and decorative materials like galvanized sheet, color steel plate, aluminum composite panel, sandwich panel,aluminum sheet, aluminum profile,Stainless Steel or Pre painted  or Painted Metals and other kinds of metal surfaces. Also suitable for Industrial processing and home appliance processing

    Product Specification

    Industrial Use Stainless steel protective film
    Place of Origin Henan, China
    Hardness Soft
    Processing Type Blow Molding
    Transparency Opaque
    Color Transparent,blue,black&white,milky white,yellow etc..
    Thickness 30micron,35micron,40micron,50micron,60micron,70micron,80micron
    Glue Acrylic adhesive
    Adhesion 150gf/25mm
    Printing Can be customized Logo Printing
    Certificate CE/ROSH,ISO9001,CNAS
    Packing Roll Packing
    Length 100M-3000M
    Width 40MM-1600MM
    Application sheet metal protective film
    Elongation longitudinal 300-400%
    Storage conditions Cool and dry place for 2 years
    Service conditions Use below 70 ℃,Tear off the protective film within 60 days (except for special properties)
    Advantages Easy to tear, easy to stick, no residual glue, firm printing

    Surface Protection You Can Trust

    A clean removal process reflects the quality of laser film for stainless steel itself and the care taken in its formulation. Residue left behind by other brands appliance protective films can attract dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This could lead to a misconstrued visual appeal, taking away from the sleek look of stainless steel. Investing in a metal protective film you can trust can prevent this fear and lead to the success of future stainless steel projects.

    Product Pictures And Individual Package

    We offer a variety of packaging modes: roll packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, and support packaging customization, printed logos,Carton customization, paper tube printing, custom labels, and more.


    Application Scenarios And Effects Of Use

    The main purpose of using PE (polyethylene) protective film on sheet metal is to protect the surface from scratches, contamination or corrosion. This protective film is commonly used in the following scenarios:

    1. Manufacturing and Transportation Stage: PE protective film protects the surface from damage and ensures the quality of the final product after the sheet metal has been manufactured and processed, as well as during transportation.

    2. Construction site: In construction, sheet metal may need to be protected from contamination, scratching or corrosion before installation.PE protective film can effectively protect the surface.

    3. Storage and Display: In storage and display environments, PE protective film ensures that sheet metal remains clean and intact while awaiting use or display.

    4. Manufacturing: In sheet metal processing and manufacturing, to prevent scratches or contamination from the process, the use of PE protective film helps to keep the surface of the product in good condition.

    5. Can be left in place for up to 280 days.

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