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How To Choose The PE Protective Film


At present, PE protective film, according to the market demand, is constantly expanding. However, there are manufacturers on the market technology, product quality varies, and there are often a variety of quality problems, resulting in user rights and interests needing to be protected. Therefore, it is recommended that significant manufacturers purchase or the public master some identification of PE protective film material purchasing skills.

See-through excessive

This is more difficult to identify with the naked eye; it is recommended that the use of optical instruments to determine; there is a relatively simple method, which is to choose the various types of PE protective film respectively, cut a small piece of the computer desktop in the middle of the one by one to paste open, and then create a new blank document on the computer to view the laptop has a film and no film on the area, or a different film area of the blank WORD file whitening degree (or brightness). Separate comparisons can be selected from the brightest material; in the test selection, PE protective film is the best through the degree.

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See the haze

1, the PE protective film sticks open, and the more apparent screen color of the bottom of the fog is more minor; the smaller the fog indicates that the material is better; this method makes it easier to see the difference if you use a black test plate.

2. In a slightly dark room, open a fluorescent lamp, and the PE protective film tears off the top and bottom of the release film held in hand between the eyes and the light; you look carefully to see if there is a layer of foggy things evenly distributed within the protective film, that is, the culprit affecting the haze, this foggy thing the more serious, indicating that the greater the haze, the worse the material, and vice versa, it means the better.


Look at the static electricity.

As the LCD is a sensitive device to fear static electricity, the PE protective film in the paste the smaller, the better; the test method is to prepare the PE protective film (3-layer material or 2-layer material), light a cigarette to knock a little ash on the desktop, or to get a bit tiny confetti on the desktop, and then tear off the PE protective film on the top layer of the PE protective film (for the 3-layer material has this step), and then tear the layer of PE protective film with silica gel, and then tear off this layer of PE protective film with silica gel. Tear off this layer of PE protective film will use the layer (silicone surface) to go close to the soot or confetti to see whether the PE protective film will adsorb these things to the silicone layer of PE protective film, the degree of adsorption is substantial. The stronger the PE protective film material is, the greater the static electricity it generates, resulting in poorer performance; conversely, the weaker the material, the better its performance.