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New energy car beauty products are popular with individual consumers


"I like to put color change film on my car so that I can choose a little more color range and keep it fresh." Li Le, a new energy car owner, is struggling with the color of the film with a color card in his hand. With the opening of the "Double 11" promotion, the automotive supplies market is also bustling. Color film, sunscreen film, paint protection film, and other types of car beauty products are endless, many car lovers in their goods at the same time, but also do not forget to give the car "new clothes". Especially in the original car paint does not hurt the premise, and can be a cost-effective way for the car to wear new clothes and become a lot of young car owners in pursuit of individuality!

color change film

"In the new car, I added 8,000 yuan, and the factory color of the paint changed to blue paint. Later more than half a year time, I spent 5,000 yuan on the car pasted khaki green color film. Now I'm a little tired of it, and I want to change it to the currently popular Star Dew purple color." Li Le told a China Business News reporter, that to the car to change their favorite color has been the most basic operation. "Now the car film is a bit similar to the cell phone film, everyone on the color film acceptance is also increasing. We have a special exchange of car modification, color change club, which has a lot of car owners every once in a while to give the car the new 'skin', before the fuel car color change, these years, more and more young people driving new energy vehicles also began to pay attention to the car color change, we have their requirements for cool, bright colors. " Li Le said.

The reporter learned that the current market of automotive film product categories, including automotive window film is the most common category, with explosion-proof, anti-glare, UV isolation, heat insulation privacy protection, and other functions. In addition, there are car color films, that can achieve personalized decoration, protection of car paint, and other purposes, favored by young people.

color change film

Reporters on the Alibaba e-commerce platform to see, car color film brands, and styles different, the prices from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Alibaba Auto released the "2023 new energy vehicle owner consumption observation report" which shows that in terms of automotive products, new energy vehicle owners favor "both inside and outside", and "good-looking" has become a common pursuit of new energy vehicle owners. From January to May this year, the per capita expenditure of new energy vehicle owners in Jingdong Auto on color film and invisible car coat is 2.8 times and 2.6 times that of fuel vehicle owners respectively.

China Business News reporter in several e-commerce platforms to see, in addition to seat covers, maintenance cleaning agents, aromatherapy, car refrigerators, and other conventional automotive supplies to participate in the "Double 11" activities, car color film, sunscreen film, rain film, paint protection film, and other automotive cosmetic products also occupies a place to launch different degrees of discounts.

Auto beauty market also "over the holiday season"

"In the last two years, it is obvious that we can feel the attention of the car color film is higher than before. This year's 'Double 11', the store In addition to the new fixed warm cushions, steering wheel covers, foot mats, and other products, also added a new car color film products." Mr. Li, the store manager of an online automotive supplies franchise, said to the reporter, "Our color change film focuses on cost-effective, people buy back to be able to get started on their own, so the sales are not bad, and more than 6,000 orders have been sold."

"In fact, not only online, we are now offline also over 'double 11'." Reporters visited offline, and several car beauty car wash stores told reporters that the stores around the "double 11" launched preferential activities. The reporter saw Beijing, many car beauty car wash stores online invisible car coats, car coat window film, and Tianrun color change film "double 11" package. A car beauty car wash store staff told reporters, "Double 11" promotions launched, received a dozen to consult the car to change the color of the phone, "after all, two or three thousand dollars to the car to change the color, or quite affordable.