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Revolutionizing Automotive Care: Unveiling the Ultimate Paint Protective Film Advancements


Car paint protection film is a new high-performance environmentally friendly film, also known as invisible car coat in the industry, car paint protection film has a high gloss, scratch repair, stain resistance, yellowing resistance, and other characteristics, not only can improve the brightness of the original paint surface, save the cost of cosmetic care, and often encountered scratches, metal and other hard objects scratches, paint aging and so on to play a very good role in protecting. In the crowded city traffic environment, car paint scuffs and scratches are more common, after the repair non-original paint will have color differences, be easy to peel off, and other problems. In addition, under the environment of haze and acid rain, the paint surface of the vehicle is easy to be damaged. Therefore, the protection of automobile paint is particularly important. Conventional paint maintenance includes waxing, and glazing, high-end paint maintenance includes coating, crystallization, etc. However, these can only maintain the brightness of the car paint, and can not resist paint scratches and damage. Paint protection film as a product with effective paint protection function will have a huge market application prospect.

1. Paint protection film structure

It is a film that protects and/or decorates the outer layer of automobile paint and parts to a certain extent. Automobile paint protection film usually contains three layers: adhesive layer, base film and surface coating, functional layer, coating protection film and release film, and two layers of PET film.

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2. Preparation of Automotive Paint Protection Film

Commonly seen on the market as automotive paint protection film material for TPU material, TPU name for thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers, it has high abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength, and glass transition temperature is relatively low, at minus 35 ℃ is still maintains good elasticity, flexibility, recyclability is good; TPU products of the load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, and vibration damping performance is outstanding, cold resistance is outstanding. TPU according to its structure can be divided into polyester type, polyether type, and polycaprolactone type, we have carried out super xenon lamp irradiation of different structures of TPU 5,000 h test (equivalent to 33 years outdoor), and after the test, found that the polycaprolactone type of performance of the combination of polyester type and polyether type of the advantages of the integrated performance is the best; therefore, the polycaprolactone type of TPU substrate can be selected for the development of the application of the automotive paint protection film.

3. Automotive paint protection film has excellent dirt resistance, this is mainly because the self-repair coating technology can be divided into hydrophobic coating technology and hydrophilic coating technology, generally with a water contact angle of 90 ° as the limit to distinguish, hydrophilic coating can be formed on the surface of the outer film of water film, and hydrophobic coatings can be formed on the surface of the outer film of water droplets, the water contact angle of the ordinary paint and automotive paint protection film coatings are 77. 77 ° and 93. 89 °, the water contact angle of the paint protection film coatings is 77. 77 ° and 93. 89 °. 89 °, automotive paint protection film water contact angle increased significantly, belonging to the hydrophobic coating, the self-cleaning effect is obvious, adsorption in the automotive paint protection film surface dust, impurities, dirt, etc. will be taken away with the rain on rainy days so that the automotive paint protection film in the use of the automotive paint protection film can be greatly reduced in the car paint cleaning frequency, and thus lasting protection of the original paint does not oxidize, do not break.

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4. Self-repairing coating performance measures the car paint protection film is one of the more important performances, qualified car paint protection film needs to have brightened, scratch self-repair, anti-fouling oil, corrosion yellowing, and other functions, car paint protection film does have to brighten the paint, scratch self-repair, anti-fouling oil, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, and other functions.

Car paint protection film can resist the wear and tear caused by gravel collision and friction in the process of automobile driving, and protect the paint surface.

5. Humidity and heat aging resistance, automobile paint protection film can resist the corrosion caused by rain and humidity in rainy weather and humid environments, with excellent weathering performance.

After the selection of raw materials and research on process conditions, the automobile paint protection film produced by using polycaprolactone TPU raw materials, self-repairing coatings, and adhesives under the specified production process conditions has the characteristics of high gloss, scratch repair, strong stain resistance, yellowing resistance, etc., and good resistance to debris impacts; at the same time, it has the function of corrosion prevention, which saves the maintenance cost and helps preserve the value of the property. Automotive paint protection film can realize large-scale production and application, can be widely used in automotive paint protection, can also be applied to yachts, pianos, and other paint surface layers, can also be used for electronic products shell protection, high-grade furniture, sports equipment, medical and aviation instruments, instrumentation surface protection, etc., has a good market prospect.

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