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The Guide to PET, PE, AR, and OCA Protective Films


Nowadays, the application of protective film is extensive, including metal, plastic, automobile, electronics, profiles, and signs, and many industries need protective film to protect the surface of products. And now, there is a variety of protective film brands on the market, which invariably increases manufacturers' difficulty in buying protective film. To help manufacturers buy the right protective film products better, Tianrun film will help you understand the common varieties of protective film on the market.

According to market survey results, the current market common types of protective films are PET, PE, AR, OCA, and four polyester protective films.


Polyester film is a commonly used type of PET protective film, which has the advantages of hard texture, anti-scratch, not easy to oil, reusable, can improve the freshness of the product, etc.. Still, there are specific easy-to-bubble, easy-to-fall-off, and other characteristics. It is commonly used in cell phones, tablet computers, and other fields.

Polyethylene protective film: polyethylene protective film is made of LLDPE as a raw material for a protective film; the material is soft and has specific tensile properties. Usually the thickness of 0.05MM-0.15MM, according to the use of requirements, viscosity up to 5G-500G, generally divided into two categories: one for the adhesive protective film, a class of entirely non-adhesive protective film, including adhesive PE protective film, also known as the mesh film, is a kind of surface with many grids of the PE protective film, this protective film permeability is good, good adhesion, not easy to appear after the use of air bubbles, and completely non-adhesive PE protective film, also known as electrostatic film, is a kind of surface with many grids. PE protective film, also known as electrostatic film, is a kind of protective film that mainly adopts the electrostatic adsorption-paste method; this kind of protective film is weak in adhesion, and it is very suitable to be applied in electroplating, electronic processing, and other protection processes. It is worth noting that polyethylene protective film is also one of the leading products of Pincheng Adhesive.

AR protective film is a synthetic AR protective film made of silicone, PET, and other unique materials. The protective film has a high transmittance, is non-reflective, has a softer texture, is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, reusable, and other advantages; it is widely used in cell phone screen protection and is recognized as the current market-leading screen protection film, although its price market price is also relatively high. Organic pollutant protection film: Due to its sound, light transmission, and high hardness, it is currently mainly used in Apple cell phone screen protection and is also a commonly used type.


Other protective films: In addition, Pin Cheng Adhesive's market research also found that there are still some OPP protective films, PVC protective films, and PP protective films appearing on the market, but its market has been the above several kinds of protective film is constantly compressed, basically in the edge of the market elimination or elimination.