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The Importance of Protective Films in Stainless Steel Maintenance


Stainless steel protective film is used in stainless steel processing and production of stainless steel consumables in large quantities in the circulation area. After the surface processing of stainless steel materials, we need to use stainless steel protective film to protect; the following, we come together to look at the stainless steel film. In the end, the way to go to the paste is good.

Stainless steel production and processing of the mainstream use of stainless steel protective film points

①, ordinary stainless steel protective film: only used to protect the surface of stainless steel

②, usually lies in the most commonly used surfaces, stainless steel frosted surface, stainless steel brushed surface, stainless steel mirror BA surface; usually frosted brushed surface to paste a slightly higher viscosity stainless steel protective film, generally more than 70 viscosity. The stainless steel mirror plate BA plate needs to be pasted into a lower viscosity stainless steel protective film.

1. Stainless steel protective film for laser (laser film): usually used for stainless steel plate laser cutting processing production

In general, for stainless steel laser cutting of stainless steel plate can not use ordinary stainless steel film; you need to use a unique stainless steel laser film and laser cutting and processing of carbon dioxide laser cutting a fiber optic cutting machine, and fiber optic machine need to use fiber optic film protection. In addition, the current stainless steel laser cutting and processing equipment occurs rapidly; different wattage and laser cutting equipment produced by other manufacturers will also have a specific difference in the film on the stainless steel plate. We need to pay special attention to different wattage laser equipment film thickness and viscosity, which need to be adjusted accordingly to the processing equipment. The same needs to be applied to other stainless steel surfaces, and different viscosity laser film or fiber optic particular film must be pasted.

stainless steel protective film.jpg

2. Stretching stainless steel protective film: the film material subsequently needs to do the stretching or stamping

Stretching film is mainly characterized by the protective film itself having a certain degree of toughness suitable for stretching or stamping, in addition to the appropriate viscosity and thickness of the stainless steel film, which is also for stretching and stamping parts of the film points. Viscosity is not accessible enough in the production process, and the membrane is blown up and can not achieve the purpose of protecting the surface of stainless steel. Still, the viscosity is too high, which will lead to stretching and stamping of stainless steel products after the film is difficult to tear off, which needs a lot of workforces to tear the film.

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3. In response to the special requirements of the film: single-sided film, double-sided film, double-layer film, interval slitting film

Out of the subsequent production and processing needs of stainless steel film can be single-sided film, double-sided film, double-layer film, interval slitting film, and other ways of film processing; stainless steel film thickness and quality of film processing operations are important factors affecting the stainless steel film processing can be expected to be carried out and achieve the corresponding results.

Therefore, it is nice when doing single stainless steel film processing, generally in operation. We will do some tear film tests or even test stretching, test laser cutting, and other tests. Otherwise, the stainless steel material produced through multiple processes may be due to the last step of the film's carelessness and lead to the later need to spend a lot of workforces to rework, and even lead to the whole batch of stainless steel material for scrap is also possible.