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Tianrun glass scratch protection film

Glass scratch protection film adheres seamlessly to windows, mirrors, and a wide range of surfaces, leaving behind neither traces nor sticky residue. Once your project is complete and it's time to reveal the pristine glass beneath, peel away the film — showing a perfect surface that is unmarred and residue-free.


    Glass scratch protection film, engineered with a PE-based acrylic adhesive for unparalleled temporary protection of glass surfaces. From the initial stages of processing and manufacturing through the rigors of transportation, installation, and long-term storage, this film protects your glass from scratches, dust accumulation, and even paint splatters.
    ● Superior glass surface protection
    ● Easy application & removal
    ● Anti scratch,dust,solvent,keep clean
    ● Cost saving
    ● High transparency

    Product Specification

    Material PE(Polyethylene)
    Width 610mm(24''),914mm(32''),1220mm(48'')or other customized size
    Length 100m,183m,200m,300m,500m or other customized length
    Thickness 50micron,60micron,70micron,80micron,100micron
    Color Transparent,Blue color or other customized color
    Printing Up to 3colors
    Viscosity Medium adhesion(160gf/25mm)
    Tensile Strength 25N
    Horizontal elongation at break(%) 3
    Vertical elongation at break(%) 4.5
    Certification ISO、SGS、ROHS、CNAS

    Product Pictures And Individual Package


    We offer a variety of packaging modes: roll packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, and support packaging customization, printed logos,Carton customization, paper tube printing, custom labels, and more.


    Application Scenarios And Effects Of Use


    Glass scratch protection filmis a common protective film material that is widely used to protect and improve glass in different areas. Below are some common PE glass protection film usage scenarios and recommended size options:

    1. Architectural glass protection: used for windows, glass doors, etc. in architecture. Commonly recommended sizes are between 30cm and 120cm in width, and the length can be selected according to the actual needs. 

    2. Vehicle glass protection: applicable to the front windshield and side window glass of the car. Commonly recommended size for the front windshield width of 70cm to 110cm, side window glass width of 40cm to 60cm, the length can be selected according to actual needs.

    3. Home glass protection: applicable to glass furniture, glass dining table, glass cabinet doors, etc. in the family. Commonly recommended size is measured according to the actual need to choose the size of the protective film that can completely cover the area of glass that needs to be protected.


    Instructions For Use


    Product Advantages

    1. We have many years of production experience and offer you 100% quality assurance!
    2. We have a full range of products, providing you with different sizes of carpet protection film, 
    which can meet your needs for carpet film in different scenarios.
    3. Support OEM and ODM, provide a variety of customized services.
    4. Reverse wrap for easy installation. Simple to operate and easy to use, the peeling process of PE protective film is very simple and will not damage the surface.
    5. Can be left in place for up to 90 days.


    Leaves No Residue Behind, Even After 60 Days
    While the adhesive on this sticky window protector will keep everything securely in place, it can be removed cleanly and easily up to 60 days after protecting your window. You no longer have to worry about the film moving or falling off before you want it to, or the adhesive leaving annoying, sticky marks behind on the glass.

    Shields Your Windows Against All Kinds of Messes
    This temporary window protector film can shield your windows against over-sprays, paints, mortar stains, acid washings, and a wide variety of other messes! Whether you use it for construction, renovation, maintenance, or something else, this window plastic protector film will provide ease of mind, knowing that your windows will go undamaged and undirtied.

    Thrives in Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications
    The protective window film is not only easy to install and user friendly, it is also UV-resistant. This means it will thrive in both indoor and outdoor applications. When you choose our selection for window protection film during construction, you can rely on full protection during the project.

    Production Process And Cases


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