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Bopp Packing Tape

Tianrun Bopp Packing Tape is made from premium Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film, which provides excellent adhesion and strength for all your packaging needs. With a strong acrylic adhesive, our tape ensures a secure and long-lasting seal for your packages, Our Bopp Packing Tape is available in a variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses to suit your specific requirements. It is ideal for sealing boxes, cartons, and other packaging materials, making it the perfect choice for both industrial and household use, At Henan Tianrun Film Technology Co., LTD., we are committed to providing our customers with superior products, and our Bopp Packing Tape is no exception. With its reliable performance and durability, you can trust our Bopp Packing Tape to meet all your packaging needs


    Bopp packing tape

    BOPP tape film, also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) tape, is a type of adhesive tape that consists of a polypropylene backing film with an acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is designed to provide a strong bond between surfaces and is commonly used in industrial, packaging, and commercial applications. BOPP tape film offers superior tensile strength and is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

    * PIB liquid makes the surface rather sticky and the layers are well-jointed, thus forming an oxygen-detested environment inside the package
    * Strong strength including stretch, tear resistance, and puncture resistance. With no damage while stored in an oxygen-detested environment.
    * The film is very flexible and has low-temperature resistance with no breaks caused by being crisp and frozen.
    * Non-transparence, low light-through rate, avoiding heat accumulation.
    * Long usage period and the grass bundle packed with silage film can be stored outside for one to two years.

    Product Specification

    Product Name BOPP Packing Tape
    Transparency TRANSLUCENT
    Usage Cartons packing
    Application Good strength,Puncture resistance
    Industrial Use Pallet Wrapping
    Processing Type Cast & Blowing
    Transparency TRANSLUCENT
    Color Transparent,Yellow,Customized
    Thickness 125-190 mic
    Length 30m--4000m
    Width 20-980mm
    Raw material BOPP,Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
    Place of Origin
    China Henan
    Elongation 5

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    Product Pictures And Individual Package

    We offer a variety of packaging modes: roll packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, and support packaging customization, printed logos,Carton customization, paper tube printing, custom labels, and more.Wholesale-Hot-Selling-Strong-Stick-Custom-Adhesive-Tapes-Packing-BOPP-Tape-Sealing-Packaging-Transpa (1)cya

    Core Specification


    Product Advantages

    1. Excellent Clarity And Appearance
    Clear BOPP tape film offers excellent clarity and appearance, making it an ideal choice for product labeling and other decorative applications.
    2. Resistant To UV Light For Labeling And Packaging
    BOPP tape is highly resistant to UV light. It helps protect labels from fading or discoloration in direct sunlight, as well as
    protecting against other environmental elements such as rain and wind.
    3. Super Adhesion And Tensile
    Additionally, the adhesive on BOPP tape film is designed to provide superior adhesion and tensile strength, resulting in a durable construction that can be used in a variety of different industry sectors.
    4. Durable Construction For Long-Term Use
    BOPP tape film is designed to provide a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of long-term use. It has excellent tensile strength and adhesive characteristics, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.
    5. High Tear-Resistance And Moisture Resistance.
     The film also has high tear resistance, as well as resistance to moisture, UV light, and other environmental elements. These features make this tape an ideal choice for product labeling and packaging applications, where it ensures long-lasting protection.
    6. BOPP tape is environmentally friendly - no harmful toxins are released into the environment during production or use of the adhesive tape films

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