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Adhesive-Coated Protective Films For Prepainted Metals


Painted metal sheets can be found almost everywhere. They are used in interior and exterior design, domestic and commercial appliances, automotive manufacturing, and numerous other applications.

Manufacturers are faced with a challenge: how to protect coated surfaces from scratches and other damage throughout the manufacturing process through storage and delivery.

Adhesive-Coated Protective Films For Prepainted Metals

Protective film for various coatings

Tianrun Film offers the solution. It includes a range of protective films developed specifically for pre-coated metal panels. These protective films protect and ensure efficient processing, avoiding costly rework by reducing scrap and reject rates.

The Tianrun Protective Film range includes the following highly specialized films for

Coating systems (polyester, PUR, PVDF, PVC plastisol)

Decorative film (PVC, PVF, PE/PP, PET)

powder coating

Ideal properties for any surface structure

Adhesive-Coated Protective Films For Prepainted Metals

Tianrun Protective Film offers adhesive-coated protective films in a variety of colors (clear or black and white), especially suitable for pre-painted metal panels, as well as co-extruded films that have adhesives integrated into the film. Each protective film is perfectly adapted to various paint systems, surface structures, and production processes in terms of adhesive selection, bonding strength, UV resistance, weather resistance, and mechanical resilience. Effective surface-compatible protection that removes quickly and leaves no residue.