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Aluminum Profile Surface Protective Film

Tianrun protection film is a kind of Polyethylene backing coated with acrylic adhesive. It provides good surface protection for aluminum profile and return a clean surface as good as new after removing the film without residue stain.

We offer a wide range of protection films for the assured protection of soft, high quality, enhanced Aluminium surfaces. Aluminium is a highly sensitive metal which demands a high quality protective film. It include the protection of high gloss Aluminium for lighting reflectors, decorative mouldings and many mirrored applications typically found in the furniture and vehicle industries.

Also offer protective films for both pressed and rolled Aluminium surfaces. Semi-gloss, high gloss or anodized Aluminium’s are fully protected. In addition to traditional natural rubber adhesive, water-based adhesives with easy peel properties are commonly used.

    Features Of Protective Film

    ● Cut each width size depend on clients requirement;
    ● Improve your brand image by having your logo & contact details on;
    ● Stable adhering capacity;
    ● Easy to apply & remove, no adhesive residue after removal;
    ● Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging;
    ● Whole production line equipment(blow molding, printing, coating, cutting);
    ● Protect your product surface from pollution, damage and scratch during the process of production, transportation, store and installation.

    Product Specification

    Usage Anodized,Powder coated Aluminium Profiles,Aluminium Bars for Window&Doors
    Base Material Polyethylene (PE)
    Glue Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
    Color Transparent, blue, milky white, black and white, green and so on.
    Thickness 50micron-150 microns Widely used 60/70/80/100/120 microns
    Width 18 mm-1250mm Widely used 1250mm,customized size
    Length 100m-1800 m Widely used 100m, 200m, 300m, 1500m
    180˚ Peel Strength 140g-600 g/25mm Anodized 140gf/25mm
    Glossy surface 220gf/25mm
    Matt powder coat 300gf/25mm
    Rough surface 400-500gf/25mm
    Tensile Strength Trasv> 25N/25mm
    Longi> 30N/25mm
    Elongation Trasv> 350%
    Longi> 300%
    Print Up to 3 colors

    Product Pictures and Individual Package(Cut Size)


    Product Pictures And Individual Package(Jumbo Roll)


    We offer a variety of packaging modes: roll packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, and support packaging customization, printed logos,Carton customization, paper tube printing, custom labels, and more.


    Application Scenarios And Effects Of Use

    The aluminum profile protective film is a layer of plastic film attached to the aluminum profile. The purpose is to protect the produced aluminum profile from damage during transportation, inventory, transportation, processing, installation, and other processes. After completing the aluminum profile installation, the installation engineering team peels off the protective film, so that the surface of the aluminum profile is as clean as new, and it has the desired decorative effect.
    There are many types of aluminum profiles on the market, and the surface treatment technology of aluminum profiles is constantly improving. Different aluminum profiles require protective films with different adhesion strength. Generally, low-viscosity protective films are for smooth surfaces, such as mechanical polishing and chemical polishing aluminum. The medium-adhesive protective films are for medium rough surfaces, such as anodized coloring, electrophoretic coating, chemical coloring, fluorocarbon spraying, and smooth electrostatic powder spraying aluminum. A very sticky protective film is for very rough surfaces, such as electrostatic powder sandblasted aluminum.
    Different types of aluminum profile surfaces:


    The sandblasting process is the process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the substrate using the impact of high-speed flowing sand. It uses compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray material (such as copper ore sand, quartz sand, emery sand, iron sand, Hainan sand, glass sand, etc.) to the surface of the workpiece to be treated at high speed so that the outer surface of the workpiece surface changes in appearance or shape. Due to the impact and cutting action of the abrasive on the surface of the workpiece, it gives the surface of the workpiece a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness.

    Photos of sandblasted aluminum profile:

    sds (1)ag6sds (2)wfc

    uminum profiles generally use medium-viscosity or high-viscosity protective film products. Colors are transparent, milky white, blue, black and white, etc. The thickness is 30 ~ 120μm. Therefore, we need to select different protective films according to different surfaces of the aluminum material. Depending on the surface and film pressure, the rate of viscosity rise is different. Generally, the protective film should be peeled off after sufficient time to determine whether the viscosity is suitable. For a given surface, it is extremely important to choose the protective film with appropriate colloid and adhesive. The subsequent processing steps are the key to determining the viscosity. The subsequent processing generally includes cutting, drilling, and assembly.

    Protective film product photos for reference:

    ere (1)kfuere (2)gup
    ere (3)1buere (4)qeo
    ere (5)4yoere (6)yoi

    Feature of this aluminum profile protective film 1: Scratch proof

    profile (3)nhhprofile (2)axa

    Feature of this aluminum profile protective film 2: Dirt proof

    profile (3)jfaprofile (4)2zs

    Product Advantages

    1.We have many years of production experience and offer you 100% quality assurance!
    2.We have a full range of products, providing you with different sizes of carpet protection film, 
    which can meet your needs for carpet film in different scenarios.
    3.Support OEM and ODM, provide a variety of customized services.
    4.Reverse wrap for easy installation. Simple to operate and easy to use, the peeling process of PE protective film is very simple and will not damage the surface.
    5.Can be left in place for up to 90 days.


    While the adhesive on this protective film for countertops will keep the counter film securely in place, it can be removed cleanly and easily, leaving behind no sticky residue. This means that you don’t have to worry about the film coming up before you want it to or the adhesive leaving frustrating, sticky marks behind.

    With a quick, simple, and hassle-free application process it is easy to use on a variety of countertops. Professionals and novices alike can put this countertop protection film to work due to its easy unwind. The adhesive is extremely user friendly due to the optimized stickiness it provides.

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