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Weatherability: The Key to Durable Protective Films


In the many performance characteristics of the protective film (viscosity, thickness, color, elasticity, transmittance, etc.) One of them is weather ability, which means that the weathering film is on the environmental climate resistance; why is it a protective film to emphasize this characteristic? The wearability of the film dramatically affects the quality of the protective film.

  Protective film in the use of the process of protection of the finished product is also required to be directly exposed to the sun, which needs six months to 1 year or so in the process generally does not occur in the case of damage to the protective film, but there will be changes in performance. It may also have to be trapped in a container across the ocean for a few months. The environment that protective film faces is quite harsh.


  The protective film has excellent mechanical functions and is very much in line with the user's requirements for tensile hardness, modulus of elasticity, elongation, etc. The protective film presents a lazy appearance to the maintained material and has an excellent adhesive function; in the process of material transfer and processing, the protective film will not buckle or fall.

  The protective film has excellent weather resistance and adhesion stability; more than a few days or a long time to stick with the peeling force will not have a significant increase, easy to fall off, and uncovered when the protected appearance will not leave residual traces, will not leave a shadow. (On the other hand, it is also a kind of protection)

  The protective film was used for some time after its center protruded, but the two sides of the tilt were warping. The biggest reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film on the profiles used in posting high tension and later encountered in high-temperature environments will be an unnecessary shrinkage phenomenon.


  The protective film of this problem occurs more in hot and rainy season, so the protective film in the production process should pay attention to the environmental temperature difference on the impact of the use of the product. To avoid the filming process, there is an unnecessary appearance of stretching.