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Silage film widely used in agriculture

Silage film is a kind of agricultural film used for protection and storage of forage, silage,

hay and maize for winter feed of herds. Silage film acts as vacuum capsule since it keeps the forage under an optimum humidity condition to facilitate controlled anaerobic fermentation. Silage film can keep the moisture of the grass from evaporation and then promote fermentation to raise nutrition and even enhance tastefulness of the grass to the herds. It can reduce the waste of grass and eliminate unstable supply due to inappropriate storage and the bad influence of weather. Besides, bundling of silage using silage film helps in transportation and delivery.


    ● Hay Preservation: Ideal for storing hay, ensuring its quality and nutritional value.
    ● Feed Mix Storage: Suitable for preserving feed mixes for extended periods.
    ● Heat Regulation: Reflective design helps in reducing heat buildup, safeguarding feed quality.
    ● Damage Control: Offers protection against bug infestations, mold growth, and bacterial contamination.
    ● Extended Shelf Life: Ensures the longevity of stored agricultural products, making them last longer.

    Product Specification

    Industrial Use Silage packing
    Color Green,Black,white,transparent,customized
    Thickness 23micron,25micron
    Sample Free sample
    Packing Box
    MQQ 500kgs
    Width 250mm/500mm/750mm
    Viscous Characteristics high viscosity
    Raw material 100% Virgin LDPE
    Elongation 3
    Core I.D. 76mm
    Tensile Strength >25N
    Length 1500m,1800m
    UV Resistance 12month
    Shelf life 24month
    Metallocene 0.4


    ● PIB liquid makes the surface rather sticky and the layers are well jointed, thus forming an oxygen-detested environment inside the package
    ● Strong strength including stretch, tear resistance and puncture resistance. With no damages while stored in an oxygen-detested environment.
    ● The film is very flexible and low-temperature resistance with no breaks caused by being crisp and frozen. 
    ● Non-transparence, low light-through rate, avoiding heat accumulation. 
    ● Long usage period and the grass bundle packed with silage film can be stored outside for one to two years. 

    Advantages of Silage Film 

    1. Enhances the nutrition of forage and inhibits undesirable fermentation process
    2. High resistance against moisture penetration and oxygen permeation
    3. No investment in storage tank or warehouse for forage
    4. Less risk of diseases from accidental ingestion of mouldy silage by animals
    5. Greater wrapping efficiency, more bales per roll
    6. High level of UV resistance prevents film aging
    7. Excellent tensile property and elasticity 
    8. Optimal puncture resistance and tear resistance
    9. Easy storing, feeding, transportation and sale
    10. Can be recycled 

    Advantage Of Silage Wrap Film


    Silage film wrap, improves the quality of sliage stroage environment. Improves the nutritional value of feed, which has high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, high digestibility. And greatly improves the quality of livestock meat and milk.

    uiu (1)ig0

    High Sealing
    No environmental pollution, no liquid outflow.

    uiu (2)47v

    Suitable packaging,easy to transport and commercialization.

    uiu (3)fiu

    Long Storage life
    Good compaction sealing, not affected by season, sun, rainfall.

    uiu (4)u1n

    Cost Reduction
    Reduces storage and operational cost as no need for indoor storage.

    uiu (5)lp7

    Good Quality of Silage
    The nutritional value of the feed was improved.

    uiu (6)p6o

    Various Color
    Yellow, Red, Pink Blue color all available.

    Product Pictures and Individual Package


    We offer a variety of packaging modes: roll packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, and support packaging customization, printed logos,Carton customization, paper tube printing, custom labels, and more.


    Application Scenarios And Effects Of Use

    Forage baling film is a film material used for packaging and storing hay and forage. It is mainly used for the following applications and usage scenarios:

    1. Freshness: Forage baling film can effectively prevent the oxidation and deterioration of hay and forage, and improve the storage period and feeding value of feed.

    2. Convenient transportation: Forage baling film can pack hay and forage tightly together for convenient storage and transportation. During transportation, it can keep the shape of feed unchanged and deliver to the place where feed is needed.

    3. Reduce waste: Forage baling film can prevent the feed from being scattered or otherwise contaminated during transportation, effectively reducing waste.

    The recommended size of forage baling film for different usage scenarios may also vary depending on the specific situation. Generally speaking, the size of forage baling film mainly depends on the number, density and size of baled hay and forage, and other factors. As a rule, the width of the baling film should be about 30 cm wider than the width of the hay and forage. When choosing, the right size can be determined according to the need and the actual requirements of the usage scenario. Recommended sizes range from 120 cm to 200 cm in width, and lengths can be chosen according to needs, such as 50 meters or 100 meters.

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    4.Reverse wrap for easy installation. Simple to operate and easy to use, the peeling process of PE protective film is very simple and will not damage the surface.
    5.Can be left in place for up to 90 days.


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