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Enhancing Efficiency and Product Protection with Stretch Film for Packaging

Machine Stretch Film is made of Linear Low-density polyethylene(LLDPE) Co-extruded 5-layers film with mixed metallocene to increase elongation and strength,One-side self adhesive layer.It is especially used for palletizing and transportation of goods. It can give full play to the strength, toughness and self-adhesive of the adhesive film, and cooperate with the tightening effect of layer by layer tension when winding, so as to achieve the best effect of palletizing by machine used.


    ● The perfect solution for all your packaging and moving needs! Made from high-quality linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) materials, this shrink wrap roll is designed to securely wrap and protect your belongings during transportation and storage
    ● Easy-to-Use: shrink wrap roll is simple to apply and requires minimal equipment, making it the perfect option for DIY move or professional movers
    ● Durable Protection: Whether you're moving, sending packages, or storing items, our Shrink Wrap provides unparalleled protection against damage, dirt, and moisture. Simply wrap your items tightly and securely. The strong, durable material ensures that your items stay in place, without leaving any residue or marks
    ● Versatile Use: With the Pallet Wrap, you can say goodbye to messy, unreliable packing methods. This pallet wrap for moving is easy to use, and versatile - making it a must-have for any household or business 


    Wrap boxes, building materials, carpets, firewood bundlers, pallets, parcel shipping, pipes, and tubes.
    Film Type: Machine Grade

    Product Specification

    Material LLDPE with mixed metallocene
    Type Stretch Film
    Usage Packaging Film
    Feature Good strength,Puncture resistance
    Industrial Use Pallet Wrapping
    Processing Type Cast & Blowing
    Transparency TRANSLUCENT
    Color Black,white,transparent,customized
    Thickness 15micron,20micron,23micron,25micron,30micron,40micron
    Length 100m--5000m
    Width 500mm
    Raw material 100% Virgin LDPE
    Weight 15-16kg
    Elongation 5

    Product Pictures And Individual Package


    We offer a variety of packaging modes: roll packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, and support packaging customization, printed logos,Carton customization, paper tube printing, custom labels, and more.

    Core Specification

    Core ID Core thickness
    3inches 6mm


    Application Scenarios And Effects Of Use

    Usually used for packaging and transportation of large quantity of goods, machine wound film is widely used in various industries, logistics and logistics parks. The following are the main usage scenarios of machine wound film:
    1. Logistics and transportation: machine winding film can make the overall packaging of goods stable and prevent the goods from collision, extrusion or collapse during transportation, so as to achieve the purpose of protection and reduce the loss.
    2. Warehouse management: machine wrapping film can prevent the goods from external damage during storage, and at the same time, it can make the goods easy to be classified, identified and counted, so as to improve the efficiency of inventory management.
    3. Manufacturing: machine wrap film can be used to package industrial raw materials or finished products, such as steel, wood, glass, etc., to prevent losses in production, processing, loading and unloading.
    4. Hazardous chemicals: machine wrap film can be used to package dangerous goods or special items such as flammable and explosive to improve safety.
    5. Agriculture and Farming: machine wrap film can be used to package agricultural products or livestock, such as feed, grain, fish, etc., to prevent them from being lost or cross-infected during transportation.


    Instructions For Use 

    Steps on how to use the machine winding film:
    1. Turn on the power of the winding machine and make sure the machine is working normally.
    2. Adjust the parameters on the machine, such as the tension of the winding film and the winding speed, and set them according to the packing requirements.
    3. Place the items to be wrapped on the working platform of the winding machine, make sure the items are stable and not easy to slide. 
    4. Fix the start end of the machine winding film to the start position on the machine.
    5. Start the winding machine and let the machine start winding the film automatically. The winder will automatically wrap the film around the item, covering it lap after lap.
    6. When the winding is completed, the winder will automatically cut the end of the film to complete the package.
    7. Remove the wrapped item for the next step of handling or transportation.

    Product Advantages

    Industrial strength & durability
    Made of heavy duty plastic with a high gauge for industrial strength and durability, this stretch film is ideal for wrapping items for cargo or moving.

    Easy-to-use roller handles
    Our specially designed rolling handles with tension grip help you wrap any size item with ease, making the packaging process fast & efficient.

    Leaves no residue behind
    Unlike tape and other wrapping materials, our stretch film leaves no underlying residue.

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