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Pvc/Upvc Profile Surface Protective Film

Protective film for Plastic PVC profile Profiles can protect pvc profiles from scratch, mark, damage, and dirt in the process of bending, pressing, roll forming, transportation and installation etc.It can be used for all kinds of window pvc or upvc profiles with different adhesive such as high, medium or low adhesive for normal smooth surface or textured surfaces. This film can be easily applied and removed, leaving no residue glue after removal, with good weather-ability,can last 6month to removal.

    Features Of Protective Film

    ● Durable, recyclable,health & safe;
    ● Improve your brand image by having your logo & contact details on;
    ● Stable adhering capacity
    ● Easy to apply & remove, no adhesive residue after removal;
    ● Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging
    ● Whole production line equipment(blow molding, printing, coating, cutting)
    ● Protect your product surface from pollution, damage and scratch during the process of production, transportation, store and installation till 6month.

    Product Specification

    Application UPVC/PVC profile
    Raw material Polyethylene
    Glue type Acrylic adhesive
    Film blowing process 5 layer co extrusion
    Recommended thickness 40mic, 50mic, 60mic,70micron,80micron,or 100micron
    Recommended length 100m,200m,300m, 500m;
    Recommended width 20mm – 1250mm;
    Colour black and white, milky white, Transperent;
    Printing 3 colour Printing
    Core diameter 76.2mm
    Product performance Scratch proof, puncture resistant, Dust proof and anti fouling;
    Recommended Peel Strength 220g/25mm;
    Tensile strength transverse >25N
    Tensile strength longitudinal >30N
    Elongation transverse 250%-300%
    Elongation longitudinal 300%-400%
    Storage conditions Cool and dry place for 24month
    Service conditions Use below 70 ℃,Tear off the protective film within 180 days (except for special properties)
    Advantages Easy to tear, easy to stick, no residual glue, firm printing

    What Is This Film?

    We produce the protective film from polyethylene linen and special glue, which is selected individually for each product, and even for each variety of plastic.The composite basis of the protective film is low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with modifying agents for solar radiation resistance and waterproof. Acrylic adhesive is used as the adhesive layer, as it does a perfect job at fastening the film on the surface and leaves no traces when removed.

    Application And Removal

    The film is easy to apply either with the help of specialized automated equipment or manually; it's firmly fastened to the surface. Large manufacturers of PVC profiles tend to have fully automated production lines that include a mandatory stage of fastening a protective film onto finished products. Thus, what rolls out of the production line are transportation-ready packaged products.

    Once the profiles are installed, the protective film is fairly easy to remove manually. No sticky traces remain on the surface. The profile will look as if it has just come out of the factory production line.

    Product Pictures and Individual Package


    We offer a variety of packaging modes: roll packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, and support packaging customization, printed logos,Carton customization, paper tube printing, custom labels, and more.


    Application Scenarios And Effects Of Use

    PVC aluminum profile protection film can be applied to a number of different use scenarios, the following are common use scenarios and common size recommendations:
    1. Building Construction: Suitable for protecting aluminum alloy doors, windows, curtain walls, and other aluminum profiles in construction projects. The recommended size ranges from 30mm to 150mm in width, and the length can be selected according to specific needs.
    2. Interior Decoration: Suitable for protecting aluminum alloy furniture and door frames in home interiors. The recommended size ranges from 30mm to 100mm in width, and the length can be selected according to specific needs.
    3. Industrial Manufacturing: Suitable for protecting aluminum profiles on industrial equipment and products, such as aluminum alloy casings of machinery and equipment. The recommended size can be determined based on the width and length of the aluminum profiles, ensuring complete coverage of the protected profiles.


    Product Advantages

    1.We have many years of production experience and offer you 100% quality assurance!
    2.We have a full range of products, providing you with different sizes of carpet protection film, 
    which can meet your needs for carpet film in different scenarios.
    3.Support OEM and ODM, provide a variety of customized services.
    4.Reverse wrap for easy installation. Simple to operate and easy to use, the peeling process of PE protective film is very simple and will not damage the surface.
    5.Can be left in place for up to 90 days.


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